Watch out for roostertails! Inboard race boats come in two main varieties that look noticeably different, hydroplanes and flatbottoms. No matter the style, both varieties of boats are capable of creating a roostertale upwards to 100 feet in the air. Hydroplanes and flatbottoms both have their engines withinthe boat. By doing so, Inboard boats are able to carry much larger engines than other APBA categories. While some 14 racing classes are faster than others, all Inboard boats soar on top of the water at speeds upwards 100 mph, topping out over 150 mph.


Cost of Entry: $11,000 - $85,000
Speeds: 70-170mph
Min. Age: 14
Total Race Classes: 12
Annual Races: 41
Engine Modifications: Y

Tips from the Pros

Inboard Tips from the Pros

Do your homework. Try to hang out with another team for a little bit over the summer. They’ll appreciate the help and you’re going to learn a lot about boat racing, it’ll blow your mind. - Sean Bowsher

Make sure you pick a good mentor and pay attention to everything they say. - Tommy Thompson

There are a lot of things to learn and if you can pair up with somebody, they will teach you the ropes. - Dan Kanfoush