Junior Classes

Junior Classes


You’re almost never too young to race! Starting as young as 9 years old, the APBA offers Junior Class racing up to the age of 16. The highly regulated engines in this class keep the competition fierce and the racers safe. Junior, the least expensive form of racing, is the perfect family project. Whether it’s building the boat from a kit together or spending the weekends at the lake trying to rack up those High Points, Junior Class racing is fun for the whole family. Getting started is easy, you can purchase used equipment or buy a starter kit to start racing from APBAShop.com. As one Junior Class father said "Its cheaper than travel hockey and a whole lot more fun!"


Cost of Entry: $4,000 - $9,000
Speeds: 35-50mph
Min. Age: 9
Total Race Classes: 4
Annual Races: 71
Engine Modifications: N

Tips from the Pros

Junior Tips From The Pros

When you’re going into the corners don’t push it too hard if you don’t feel comfortable. - Karsten Pavlick

Be aware of your surroundings on the course. Always pay attention to other boats around you. - Callie Shensky

Get to know people around because you can get a lot of help around the pits when you get to know people. - Josh Toccalino