Modified Outboard

Modified Outboard


Check out those pipes! APBA’s Modified Outboard (Mod) are easily recognizable by the large pipes on the back of the outboard motor. The Mod boats are not for the mechanically challenged and is the true category for all gearheads. Mod category promises to live up to its name. More than just driving ability, these boats require a hands-on approach to gain those few extra miles per hour. Reaching speeds that can top out at 110 mph, these highly modified engines were originally Stock Outboard engines that have been tinkered with to make them as refined as possible. This is a true mechanics dream.


Cost of Entry: $4,000 - $76,000
Speeds: 55-100mph
Min. Age: 14
Total Race Classes: 13
Annual Races: 49
Engine Modifications: Y

Tips from the Pros

Modified Outboard Tips From The Pros

Be safe, have fun and remember this is a family sport. - Tracy Trollian

The more time you can spend in a boat, the better. The more comfortable you are the better you’re going to race. - Gary Miller

Once you’re comfortable going into a turn with another person, the rest should come pretty easily. - Andrew Tate