Racing Regions & Clubs

Racing Regions

The APBA is broken down into 16 different racing regions across the country. Each region has its own set of rules, which are created in accordance with APBA Bylaws. Within each of these regions, local race clubs organize, run & promote APBA sanctioned events. To find out more about racing in your region, please contact your region chairman.


Join the Club

Clubs are set up at the local level, and are a great way for new racers to connect with racing veterans in their area and get a leg up. Local race clubs are the true lifeblood of the APBA, as they are the ones who organize and run each of the race events throughout the year. Clubs are led by commodores, and will typically meet every month or so to discuss new business, talk about upcoming races and potential new races. As a new racer, it’s a good idea to jump in and be active with your local club early on. There’s a wealth of knowledge and help just waiting for you. Search for the club closest to you on the APBA Club’s Page