Zero to 100MPH in under 6 seconds…. 180 degree turns with 5-G's of force…. Something about Outboard Performance Craft (OPC) racing just makes you want to scream with excitement! Unlike most power boat racing, OPC races start from the dock. When the flag drops, it's a million dollar mad dash of high performance boats trying to get to the first buoy before everyone else and establish their lane. More commonly known as Tunnel Boats, these long narrow rigs are specifically engineered to turn on a dime while at full throttle. The 12 classes of OPC racing constantly put on a show for the fans drawing tens of thousands of viewers as they travel the country.


Cost of Entry: $7,500 - $60,000
Speeds: 55-140mph
Min. Age: 16
Total Race Classes: 14
Annual Races: 37
Engine Modifications: Y

Tips from the Pros

OPC Tips From The Pros