Race Readiness Guide

  • Driving School

    Driving School

    The best way to learn about racing and get experience driving is in a controlled and safe environment is through an APBA Driving School. Future racers will have their choice of category depending on where you’re located. You will learn how to line up for a start, how to turn properly, and most importantly, how to race safely.

  • Attend a Race

    Attend a race

    There's no better way to get the full racing experience than going to races that are taking place nearby. Most racers will answer any and all questions you may have. They may even be willing to let you help crew for the weekend. We pride ourselves on being one big racing family, and we will welcome you to join it.

  • Choose Race Category

    Choose a race category

    The four major factors to consider when deciding which APBA category you will race in are Location, Weight, Age and Budget. Make sure to consult the New to Racing category selector to determine which category is best for you.

  • Find the right equipment

    Find the Right Equipment

    There are dozens of manufacturers and equipment suppliers out there. How do you know which one to go with? Make sure to ask your mentor. You can find used equipment on the APBA classifieds page or new equipment on the boat builder’s page on the APBA.org.

  • Register for a race

    Register for a race

    Make sure to have your APBA membership card, your club card, and a filled out entry blank for every class you are racing that weekend. If you race Inboard or Vintage, you will need to have your required physical at registration. Capsule boats require capsule training. After you register, make sure you sign a waiver and get a wristband. After that – you’re ready to Race!

  • Putting together your boat

    Putting together your boat

    Owning & maintaining a race boat isn’t a simple task but it’s definitely a fun hobby. Most racers will buy their hull already assembled and modify their engine to give them best possible chance of winning. Don’t worry, your mentor will help you out and teach you everything you need to know along the way.

  • Your race mentor

    Racing Mentor

    Getting behind the wheel of a race boat with no experience and no guidance is a losing combination. Once you decide the type of racing that’s the best fit for you, the APBA will connect you with a local race mentor. Your mentor will teach you how to be competitive and safe. Fill out a Racing Mentor Request to have the APBA connect you with a Mentor Today!

  • Learn about the APBA

    Learn about the APBA

    Going fast, staying safe – That’s what the APBA is all about. We provide the rules, the officials and the insurance for the races that you participate in. With 13 different categories of racing operating in 16 regions across the country, racing with the APBA provides plenty of options based on the type of race experience you’re looking for.

  • Get in touch

    Get in touch

    While power boat racing is considered to be one of the most affordable motorsports, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into before you make any commitment. Browse through this site, connect with APBA headquarters, and talk to any racer you come across about how to get into powerboat racing.