Stock Outboard

Stock Outboard


The largest category in the American Power Boat Association is Stock Outboard. Originally created to the pure driving skills of the racer, Stock Outboard Racing is designed for those who may not have the mechanical background needed to do the modifications needed in other categories. With speeds approaching and sometimes passing 100MPH even with limited modifications allowed to the engine, this group of boats is a great category for anyone who just wants to get on the water and go fast. This is one of the most affordable categories in the APBA with used equipment and starter kits available at a reasonable cost.


Cost of Entry: $2,900 - $7,665
Speeds: 50-100mph
Min. Age: 14
Total Race Classes: 13
Annual Races: 64
Engine Modifications: N

Tips from the Pros

Stock Outboard Tips From The Pros

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask anybody, everybody, doesn’t matter. We are all here to help. - Brian Trolian

The more boat time you get, the better you know your boat, the better you’ll do in the race. - Dylan Runne

Have fun, take it seriously but not too seriously. - Elek Hutchinson