Superlight Tunnel

Superlight Tunnel


While all APBA race boats hydroplane with a pocket of air underneath them, Superlight Tunnel Boats (SLT) are actually filled with air. SLT rules require that two people man this inflatable vessel at all times. This is the perfect category to get some quality bonding time with someone close. A driver and rider keep these boats hovering perfectly over the surface of the water. Easily affordable, SLT boats are some of the most cost efficient out on the race course today. SLT boats can soar at upwards of 50 mph while turning heads with the consistently tight races and close finishes.


Cost of Entry: $7,000 - $15,000
Speeds: 55-65mph
Min. Age: 16
Total Race Classes: 3
Annual Races: 9
Engine Modifications: N

Tips from the Pros

Superlight Tunnel Boat Tips From The Pros

Get into a decent rig and just finish first. - Steve Heuninck

Propellers are everything. - Mark Hodorek

Just finish the race. Don’t force it, don’t push it, don’t wreck it. - Ken Metcalf