Known as the biggest, loudest and fastest boats on the water, Unlimited hydroplanes are exactly that. While being propelled by a Chanook helicopter engine and propeller the size of a hub cap, these beasts consistently top 200 mph on the straightaways. These million dollar monsters attract fans by the hundreds-of-thousands and the crowds keep growing. The H1 Unlimited series is the exclusive promoter of these speedsters. With the drivers secured in F-16 fighter jet cockpits, these boats take a minute or two to speed up but when they get to full speed, they don't slow down.


Cost of Entry: $500,000 - $2,000,000
Speeds: 200+
Min. Age: 18
Total Race Classes: 1
Annual Races: 8
Engine Modifications: N

Tips from the Pros

Unlimited Tips From the Pros

If you want to drive an Unlimited, drive anybody’s boat you can. - Kip Brown

Just stay focused. That is the key to being a successful driver. - Jimmy Shane

Get started in a smaller class. Get that seat time and get the success. Let these owners know that you would like to drive at somepoint. - Steve David